Wow. 5 years, you guys!


On the 14th of November 2011, Daniel and I had been dating for 5 years.

5 years.

Dude, that is a long time. That’s like… 260 weeks or 1825 days. It’s a lot okay.

Anyway, it’s been awesome. I’ve been really blessed to have someone as patient (trust me, he needs it) and loving (he likes to snuggle!) and romantic (I win ^_^) in my life.

Especially considering that I was only a wee 17 years old when we started on this crazy journey called a relationship. And it has been rather crazy. A LOT has happened in 5 years but I’m glad that Duckie has been my one constant. I’m not quite sure where I would be without him.


Even though it’s been an entire 5 years, there is still so much we have yet to experience together.

  • There’s marriage and all it’s perks. Yes, all  it’s perks.
  • We want to travel overseas together too.
  • Then there’s just living together.
  • There’s kids that will come along one day. In the future. The far future.
  • We’ve been through a lot of bad things together and I know there’ll be more. Unfortunately.

It’s been a blast. It’s been crazy. It’s been fun. It’s been awesome.

Here are a few photos of us, because, well, it was our anniversary.

Our first voting experience together
This was on our 2nd anniversary
The madness! *cow tongue*

We’re adorable, right? Ugh. It’s ridiculous. ;)

Here’s to a bajilion more years together. 

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